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Mercedes Benz commander
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Mercedes Benz commander

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Mercedes Commander is a professional software for diagnostic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It allows you to perform complete diagnostics of all 1995-present Mercedes-Benz models. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.

Diagnostics is performed via the OBD-II connector or via Mercedes-Benz proprietary 38-pin connector (only older cars, pre-2001). Our PC USB diagnostic interface supports over 26 multiplexed K-Lines and Mercedes-Benz diagnostics CAN-BUS interface (also known as CAN-D).

Standard diagnostic functions:

Read identification
Read extended identification
Read/Clear fault codes
Device scan
Display of Actual Values
Actuator Tests
Reset of control unit
Control unit adaptations
Adjustment of injector injection quantities adaptation for Diesel Engines (CDI-4, CDI-5)

Special functions:

By OBDII - Comprehensive odometer correction for W221 and W216 vehicles. The odometer is changed in the following units: CGW, EZS, Instrument Cluster and all other units, which store the odometer (like Tire Pressure Monitor and Adaptive Brake, for example) , Read/Write service history records in ZGW of W221 S-Class and W216 CL, Read/Write complete EEPROM and Flash of CGW (Central gateway) of W221 S-Class and W216 CL, Odometer correction in dashboard for Vito, Viano, Sprinter after 2006 year
E-Class W211, CLS W219, GL X164, ML W164, R-Class W251, C-Class W203 and G-Class W463
Instrument cluster/odometer correction (K-Line and C-Class (W203), G-Class W463 via CAN by dash plug)
Read/Write EEPROM (K-Line and C-Class (W203, G-Class W463 via CAN by dash plug)

Airbag - read/write EEPROM, clear crash data
Dump Tool - calculate odometer values, reset odometer values, clear airbag crash data, make engine control virgin and so on

ECU - Read/Write Flash, Read/Write EEPROM of Engine Control Units
Immobilizer - Key Learning for Mercedes W163; Read/Write EEPROM of AAM/EAM control modules; Learn radio code of transmitter keys; Deactivate/Reactivate keys
Transponder generation
TV/AUX activation/deactivation
Seatbelt warning activation/deactivation
Reverse warning activation/deactivation
Activation/deactivation of Speed warning for Gulf States
Electrical Steering Lock (ESL) - Read/Write/Unlock EEPROM of ESL for the following vehicles: W202, W208, W209, W210, W203, W211, W215 by direct connection to the ESL module
Electrical Ignition Switch (EIS, K-Line) - Read EEPROM of EIS and ESL modules by diagnostic connection to the EIS module; Open/Close ESL
Electrical Steering Lock (ESL, CAN) - Disable/Enable keys; Write VIN of new units; Activate/Deactivate ESL; Activate/Deactivate EZS
Generation of Dumps for programming keys for cars, which use DAS-3 system. With the IR Key Manager special function you can generate keys for the following vehicles: W203, W208, W209, W210, W211, W215, W219, W220, W230, W639. The generated dumps should be programmed in the EZS, ESL and the key. For the key all NEC processors and the following Motorola processor is supported: MA 567 880 051, 654 367 2004

ZN002 - NEC programer - for NEC MCU's assembled in the IR-Keys - NEW!!!

Change ASSYST PLUS Service maintenance records
Change ASSYST Service maintenance records

Read/Write COMPLETELY EEPROM of Central Gateway (CGW) via OBDII. Works for the following vehicles : W211, W171, W219, W164, X164, W169, W245- NEW!!!

Custom requests
SMART key teach-in (K-Line and CAN) - NEW!!!

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