MaxiVideo MV301 tool 16MM

MaxiVideo MV301 tool 16MM
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MaxiVideo MV301 tool 16MM

Details: Categorie: OBD2 Code ScannerMaxiVideo™ MV301 tool 16MM This premier Autel MaxiVideo MV301 digital videoscope features a detachable wireless 3.5" color TFT LCD monitor. The wireless capability allows you to examine difficult-to-reach areas from a remote location up to 32ft (10m). The ergonomic tool features comfortable pistol grip design, auto focus and viewing capacity as close as 1" with crystal clear output.. Available with various sizes of camera heads (16mm, 8.5mm and 5.5mm), the MaxiVideo videoscope is an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. Features 1. Detachable 3.5” TFT-LCD wireless monitor 2. Allows for remote inspection up to 32ft (10m) from the measurement point 3. Views images in real time 4. Color CMOS video camera chip in the tip 5. Wide camera angle for images with 640 x 480 resolution 6. On-screen horizontal/vertical image reversing 7. White LEDs to illuminate the inspection area,with illumination control 8. Views objects as close as 1" 9. Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens 10. 1M (39.4") semi-rigid, but flexible watertight shaft 11. Ergonomic and durable tool housing 12. Rechargeable lithium battery in monitor and 4x AA batteries in camera 13. Ideal applications: water restoration, HVAC and refrigeration, electrical inspection, automotive, pest control Package: MaxiVideo MV301 tool User's Manual Blow molded case Imager head and cable(16mm /8.5mm/5.5mm) Accessories-hook, mirror and magnet Video-out cable 4 x AA Batteries

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