Ford & Mazda Incode Tool

Ford & Mazda Incode Tool
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Ford & Mazda Incode Tool

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Ford & Mazda Incode Tool

Ford Incode Tool Description:

Ford Mazda key match, the engine computer synchronization, replacement of the control module needs INCODE.

Mazda Incode Tool Function:

1.VCM Diagnostic software or OEM Key Programming Machine will show the OUTCODE on-screen.
2.In this time, enter the INCODE on the VCM or OEM Tools, before continuing to the corresponding function.
3.Just connect the F&M CODE between the Diagnosis equipment or OEM Key Programming Machine into your car's.
4.Tools Support: VCM/T300/AD100/SBB ... and so on, as long as the device prompts you OUTCODE, FMCODE will automatically display INCODE.
5.Ford&MCODE device supports all CANBUS models, high-speed CAN, be able to support low-speed CAN)
(The old car does not support K line communication, we can provide INCODE).

The way to get INCONDE:

A: Requesting PATS INCODE from the Agent
B: With foreign code calculator
(Error INCODE you getting is high, there are number of restrictions, the purchase price is expensive)

Guide to use this tool:

Diagnostic equipment for supporting F&M CODE:

Other equipment help read out OUTCODE but doen’t support INCODE input. The F&M CODE device support both outcode and incode.

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Ford & Mazda Incode Tool User Manual

FMCODE-2.pdf (3,330.6K)
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Ford & Mazda Incode Tool

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